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American girl dating an arab man, this Is Why Arab Women Date White Guys

My friend confronted him but the guy said that it was nothing but you will see he continuing they're conversation of that other woman and it was very flirtatious. Until one day my friend told me that she was hurt and maybe should give up even she really love that guy. He always denied it but i know there's something in there. Our relationship is amazing we understand each other so well. They're always arguing about that issues my friend tried some things in her way with limitations just to keep the guy satisfied.

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This Is Why Arab Women Date White Guys

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His mom loves me which is in Egypt and can't speak any English. My friend is a conservative type so it's hard for her to give what he wants on cam. They accept our relationship and I love it! And they both agreed but my friend felt that this guy changed a lot. Exposing some private parts of her body etc.

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Others admire our relationship and we have never faced hatred from Arabs nor Blacks. How pity those women that fell to a trap of every egyptian men.

At first his mother did not approve of me but that rest of his family including his father, uncles and grandma, even his family back home loved me from the beginning. And to that flirty whore woman goodluck to you and wish you will be together sooner to discover your own karma with that guy. Marriage of course two weddings, family guy salesman dating website America and Egypt. Many of them got married to a foreign women and then after a while married again to another women and these women live together with that evil man in one house and became his slaves. We get a lot of stares but the majority of people always amok and say how we look so cute together.

Arab Muslim guys!!! Are us non Muslim girls are just for practice?

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All I can say is he loves me, I love him. Of course they're all muslims so they can married more than once. Now that we're married his mom approves of our relationship. He tells everyone how much he adores me.