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Share This Share this post with your friends! Both considers the super powers before the arrival of Islam. His book most read in Urdu books lover.

Naseem Hijazi is most popular among Urdu books lover. Invasions of India by Mahmud of Ghazni. The primary topic of his novels was Islamic history and the rising and fall of the Muslim empires. Naseem Hijazi is one of the greatest Urdu novel writers. Huge collection of novels, books, digests, stories and more by different writers are available on this website.

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The book culminates in Sultan Tipu's sad and untimely martyrdom. He enjoys a very large reader base even after his death. He exercised extra care to back his study of history by thorough research and to cite his sources whenever possible. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Email. Pride of Performance for Arts.

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Pardashi Darkhat novel described the event before the partition of Pakistan. The author of Shaheen pdf was a distinguished historian, journalist, novelist, and author in Pakistan. He satire at the fast progress of the world and the modernism.

Here is the list of 39 novels/Books by Naseem Hijazi

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The author of Gumshuda Qaflay was a noted writer of Urdu. Historical novels are based on the plot that depicts the settings in the past and focuses on the manners, social conditions and other details of the period. No doubt, he was the great novel writer. Nazar jab us se milti thi Men khud ko bhool jata tha. In this book, he described the Muslim victories in Iraq and Iran.

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But, he did not get much help from the Muslim rulers. In this book, he points out the ancient India condition and the evil caste system. Geet, Pari Aur Tum is one of Aneeza best social romantic urdu novel that was published in khawateen digest in April by Aneeza Syed.

Naseem Hijazi wrote this book in dialogue style. It is the second part of the book Gumshuda Qaflay. Hijazi creates his powerful expression by blending this study of history with fairytale romanticism. The book revolves around the most historic victory of Somnath.

After the creation of Pakistan, abba medley mp3 Naseem Hijazi migrated to Pakistan. Naseem Hijazi used historic settings as background and based most of his work on the Islamic history and shows both the rise and fall of the Islamic Empire.

He criticised Indian leadership and their attitude in the war in comedy manners. Hijazi has influenced- by his novels - readers inside and outside Pakistan. It described the great migration from India to Pakistan. It is a comic book in which he described the imaginary changed in the world after hundred years So Saal Baad.

The book ends almost around the death of Ali. We hope this post will atrratct you.

Naseem wrote many best-selling books on the subject of history. He wrote below mentioned books. Naseem Hijazi will live in history by his great books.

Nice post dear great work Regard Swasal for computer. Mohammad Bin Qasim by Naseem Hijazi. Naseem Hijazi is God gifted story teller. Notify me of new posts by email.

This novel described the Muslim struggle in Undalus and Reconquista of Spain. Historic and Islamic Novel Writer. He launched the guerrilla war against Christians. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

He describes the sacrifices which offered by the Muslims for it. Haider Ali was the great ruler of Mysore. He has been one of the key sources of Islamic ideologies in Pakistan and helped build valour during the Soviet-Afghan War. The subject of the book is history.

Qafla e Hijaz another great Islamic history novel of Naseem Hijazi. The primary focus of novel a few early years before the creation of Pakistan.

He gave new trends of novel writing. He wants to introduce our splendid past. But, Muslim lost their rules in Andalus.

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Naseem Hijazi is known for his potent and romantic description of history. Qaisar O Kisra novel is a history story.

Naseem Hijazi Historic and Islamic Novel Writer - Urdu Writers

Here is the list of 39 novels/Books by Naseem Hijazi

Thank for sharing Naseem Hijazi Profile and Biography. He was married to his cousin Zubaidah before going to Sindh. Download Urdu Novels in Pdf for free.