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Our Beacon Manager is available for users that prefer to configure their beacons themselves. Receive custom alerts to your mobile app. Or even in the transportation network.

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Control their routes and access within different zones, such as restricted areas. Improve your visitor experience. Combine beacons with our proximity marketing platform, Engage, for a complete and easy-to-use solution. Monitor the asset movement via the platform with automatic alerts sent directly to your mobile phone. Where would you like to be a missionary to.

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All our friends were his friends. Indoor Mapping and Wayfinding View your beacon network and identify your assets in real-time. Or integrate our proximity marketing capability into your own branded app.

This is mainly due to a lower commitment to the marriage and to lower relationship skills. Bluetooth Beacons Bluetooth beacons ready to use straight out of the box. Email us today and one of our advisors will be happy to schedule a demo.

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Determine your daily footfall patterns then schedule campaigns to change offers according to the time of day, weather or seasonal conditions. Or combine our gateway and bluetooth beacons for greater interaction with your audience. They relay real-time location analytics directly to our platform and mobile app. Increase average spending at the point of purchase with up sell offers. And see live data on assets in your supply chain.

Encourage customers to spread the word about your business with friend to friend offers. This means you can view instant progress of each proximity campaign. Receive real-time alerts when an asset is moved, enters or exits a zone. The beacons are attached to the assets you need to monitor.

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Combine our gateways with our iBeacon and Eddystone Bluetooth beacons, to monitor movement between zones, auktioner online dating temperature and moisture levels. All our beacons are iBeacon and Eddystone compliant. Book a demo More Info Improve footfall and increase sales Attract passing customers into your store.