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Hope to have a fix really soon, in the meanwhile we reversed to previous internet Explorer. Cyberduck is exactly what you need. What We Like Supports secure file transfer. The synchronization feature helps you keep various directories in sync with one another and can help streamline administration. What We Don't Like Transfers can be slow.


The right pic above shows the File Explorer ftp shortcut. But there's no OpenWith option for that. He has experience in many. You have no business belittling anyone.

It's about opening ftp files from File Explorer. This is happening with firewall both on and off. In my case I have permissions on the server, I am logging on to the ftp site with a username and password. When the StreamSocket object connects to the remote endpoint, the SocketConnected event will be raised. That does not reflect how simple the manual procedure can be.

Integrated remote file editor. So everything looks okay with permissions.

Some features not totally intuitive. You can download the free version or buy a license here. That's not helping the community.

Cyberduck can seamlessly integrate with any external editor application so that you can directly edit text and binary files with minimum hassle. Put this link in your File Explorer address bar and see what happens. It really is time that this problem was fixed - Microsoft, get off your backside and sort this problem! Drag-and-drop ease of use.

One of the biggest benefits of FileZilla is its large user community. If you have a local account the upload works just fine. No this is a users config problem I have no problems accessing ftp, using ftp, or created a ftp server and use that to work with.

Both are far better than using Chrome. It's not reliable for demo purposes anymore. First of all I can drag and drop files both to and from the folder. And the above discussed programs let you do just that.

This can be important when transferring scripts. For every data transmission, a new data channel is established.

What We Like Tabs make dealing with more than one connection easy. UploadFileAsync await file. Unless I open inprivate mode it starts getting very sluggish and slow to respond moving around folders. Most of his time is spent in coding, gaming, learning new things and helping others.

When a post is flagged as abusive, moderators evaluate those posts and take action accordingly. Visit this link to know more. Double-clicking the shortcut brought up a very reduced-choice metro dialog. Why do you insist on transmuting the question into one that involves a zip file?

Handles only two sites at a time. Did this solve your problem?

To initiate transfer of files to remote server, simply select the files that you want to upload, and hit the proper directional arrow button. You feel forced into taking it. Easy-to-understand interface. What We Don't Like Interface a bit dated. Max, as an illustration, I have deleted your post below that specifically calls out another user for causing the thread to have excessive bloat.

Additionally, some clients such as Filezilla will allow multiple connections for any new activity, site2sms apk which uses up connections quickly. You can download the FileZilla client for free here.

Windows 8 FTP Folder in File Explorer - Interface Not Supported

It is in violation of the Code of Conduct to use inflammatory remarks towards other users. Alas, it had reverted to the version prior to copying from the network file.

It seems that Windows can not open the link. You can download CyberDuck for Windows or Mac directly from its home page here. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. It fails when double-clicking the file.

If you are a home user or just manage a WordPress site or two, you may be able to get away with a very simple file transfer client. Or does open action performed by Windows Explorer require a different permission than that of required by Get command in ftp command line tool?

It's been like that for quite some time. Even now that I have everything straightened out, the right-click menus don't offer OpenWith.

This only results in flame wars. Just because you are not able to do this does not mean we cant. It is something you should be cognizant of before blindly clicking through the install of this software.

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It fails when using Open from the context menu. This is a huge snafu on Microsoft's part and I hope we are given a resolution soon.

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