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Kyuki jaisi aapki soch hai jald hi kisi din acche se pit jaaoge kisi haribhakt kattar Hindu dwara. That is the end result of becoming Krishna conscious.

Fixed a problem with ad-free purchases Fixed a bug in Shloka numbering. Click on the image above to download. English is only spoken and read by select people in urban India.

Dear Sir, I want to read the holy gita in hindi. Hindi is only used in a few states. Hare Krishna, Prabhuji, mp3 muzic the fact is Hindi is the national and most read and spoken language in India.

Mahabharat Geeta Updesh Mp3 Free Download

Please visit them for more information on Bhagavad Gita. Maybe there is a russian translated Bhagavad Gita someware?

Mahabharat Geeta Updesh Mp3 Free Download

Shree Mad Bhagwat Geeta (Hindi) Bijender Chauhan

Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta In Hindi Full MP3 Free Download Bhagwat Gita Updesh

This book is very good because all solutions of problems which comes in our life. Yes Geeta hmare jivan ka mhan yog he geeya ka gyan kabhi west nhi jata. We all Hindu has to keep Bhagwad Geeta at home, and we should read or listen. He does not understand the importance of such important, authoritative historical documents. Yes, Send me more such interesting information Please email me such articles.

Bhagavad-Gita in Hindi By Ramananda Int l Gita Society

Hare krishna prabhu It is said that whatever mantra one might have received will be ineffective if it is not recieved from a devotee or bonafide spiritual master. All inner work starts in retrospect. All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia. Prabhuji, the fact is Hindi is the national and most read and spoken language in India.

Bhagavad-Gita As It Is Original 1972 Edition Free PDF Download

Na tum kuch lekar aaye, jo liya yahi se liya. Thank you so much for providing this version. But it us up to us actually to accept the blessings. We suggest you read in English. Rather it was the result of the misdeeds of their cousins who wanted to misappropriate the kingdom rightly belonging to Arjuna and his brothers.

Bhaiyon kya nasha karna paap he esaa khi likha he geeta me or paap he too kyu he. Hare Krishna Jatin Obviously you are not doing it properly. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

The translations will never be as good as the original books. Prabhupada definitely pleased with your efforts because this is also a kind of book distribution. The discourse given by Krishna in response to Arjuna's perplexed condition is known as the Bhagavad divine Gita song. Ham Hindu he Har Hindu ko gita pdhna jaruri he Jai radhe krisna.

Hare Krishna Prabhu Very good news! Yes of course maya is there and it is a battle at times. Jo liya, bhagavan se liya. Please guide me how to download it. In my opinion, this translation is the best available.

By reading it one can know self and understand the true meaning of life. They have no realization of the point you are making. Yahi sabse uttam sahara hai. When I first purchased it, many passages helped heal my anguished heart. Peace and light my friend.

Assuming it is out of copyright protection. Please accept my respectful obeisances. All his letters, conversations, etc, etc. Aapko sabhi baaton ka uttar mil jayega.

Pati ka matlab hota hai protector, caretaker, taranhaar. Very peaceful and meditating.

This scripture contains a conversation between Pandava prince Arjuna and his guide Krishna on a variety of philosophical issues. English is national language of India. Swami Rama Tirtha Mission, Delhi.

Isliye dharm ke raaste pe chalte hue Shree Krishn ke sharan mey jana chahiye aur prayasrat usi ke liye rehna chahiye. Isse bhatke hue logo ko rasta milta h. But the highest class of people avail themselves of the highest literature, which Srila Prabhupada was ordered to spread to English speaking persons. Become an Author Submit Article. Your website store is a really great place to find the most wonderful books and artifacts from beautiful India.

The Bhagavad Gita in Audio (Gujarati)
Shree Mad Bhagwat Geeta (Hindi) Bijender Chauhan

Bhagavad-Gita As It Is Original 1972 Edition Free PDF Download

Hare Krishna Asheesh It is not difficult to test. All Forts Monuments Movement Temples.

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