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The ancient earldom of Mar has an incredibly high concentration of castles highlighted by Craigievar Castle and Castle Fraser. Tormented by sexual guilt, he routinely inserted a toothbrush bristle-end deep into his urethra and scrubbed vigorously to excruciating climax. Boyle's novel and Condon's film treat Kinsey as a theme of high American comedy. Reivers often raided farms and families across the border, stealing their goods and holding people for ransom. This was a tough list to put together since Scotland is a country with a deep sense of history that spans many eras.

It was a bloody time that saw the destruction of many architectural gems, not least of which were the incredible, ruined border abbeys at Melrose, Jedburgh, Dryburgh, and Kelso. Furthermore, consolidating democracy prerequsites women were only slightly less adventurous.

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Liam Neeson has on the evidence of the web-based trailer achieved a remarkably accurate impersonation of Kinsey. Places like Drum Castle, Crathes Castle, and Fyvie Castle are all magnificent, atmospheric places with their share of gruesome tales, spooky hauntings, and heroic former lords and ladies. No moral or religious prejudice was allowed to contaminate his research. The chapel is a stunning work of masonry and architectural vision overflowing with allegories, stories, and occult references etched onto every available stone surface. Dryburgh Abbey is beautifully situated amidst wooded, rolling hills and dates from the same period as Melrose Abbey.

There are less laugh-worthy aspects to his work. In fact, Kinsey wasn't running a science project but a cult, with himself as its L Ron Hubbard. These days, the moor has a somber air anchored by a beautiful and informative visitor center. Adultery was a fact of American marital life.

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This area, which comprises Royal Deeside and much of Aberdeenshire, makes for perfect days driving through beautiful countryside to castle after castle. He wasn't a happy Hubbard. The history of the chapel is some of the most fascinating of any place in Scotland and well worth the quick bus ride south into Midlothian. It's certain that middle-class Americans are duller than Kinsey's report claimed they were. Kinsey cultivated the public image of a clean-cut scientist.

The other end he wrapped around his hand. The Kinsey Report, as it became known, turned out to be the biggest scientific bestseller since Darwin and, like The Origin of Species, took a wrecking ball to the established moral order. Culloden is a hard memory but also an important turning point in the history of Scotland. This aspect of the country is one of the primary pulls that keeps me returning to Scotland.

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Fellow scientists have queried and discredited his methods. Edinburgh Edinburgh is such an easy choice for this list since you feel like part of a different era just walking along its cobbled streets. Then, he climbed up on a chair, and jumped off, suspending himself in mid-air.

Kinsey was probably homosexual and possibly a pederast. His genitals were an area of never-ending fascination and mutilation.

In Scotland, history buffs are spoiled for choice. You could spend weeks here simply drinking in the atmosphere. Perhaps the most famous, Melrose Abbey was founded in by Cistercian monks and remains the final resting place for many Scottish kings and nobles, including the embalmed heart of Robert the Bruce. On one occasion he performed a self-circumcision in the bathtub, without anaesthetic. Apparently the toothbrush features prominently.