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So, Marcus Mumford, is Wilder Mind really that much of a departure? We knew we were going to have to play these new songs next to the old songs.

Both had recently ended previous relationships, with Mulligan having split from actor Shia LaBeouf while Mumford had broken up with singer Laura Marling. They began dating after Mulligan attended a Mumford and Sons concert with Gyllenhaal. Along the way, fab swing dating the strummy Mumfords seemingly got blamed for every time an authenticity-seeking indie ensemble added a banjo.

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The aim of these things is to leave the town in a better place than we found them. We're not like the Punch Brothers. All that acoustic-ness set up the sneak attack of Wilder Mind, which began as a collaborative project with producer Aaron Dessner of brooding Brooklyn indie-rockers the National. Any legitimate platform, our music goes onto it. But the second name is a surprise.

Yes, history buffs, you're right about one. But it's us with the other instruments we grew up with. Which I like, now that I understand the vision.

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The groom was spotted driving to the ceremony wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses. The couple married over the weekend in England. He was gracious enough to give me a ring. The British newspaper reported that Mulligan's dad, John, is a vicar and conducted the wedding, which took place on Saturday on a farm in Somerset. It's still my voice, and it's still our songwriting, and there are characteristics to the songs that are definitely us.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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No personal questions were allowed. And I get it much better now. First by Sandy, and then by fire.

The couple married in a barn on the farm's grounds. And actually, their taste in music really informed my taste in music. We loved doing that, and we're going to continue to do that live.

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It was really important in terms of my musical tastes as a teenager.

Richard Nixon was born in the Orange County enclave that is home to his presidential library. He was his charming self and had the room in fits. But there's a survival spirit within the town, and it picked itself up because the people were so great. We're not that interested in the platforms people listen to it on.