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Leslie 122 hookup, hook up kits

Uncle Harvey s guide to Leslie pin-outs

Leslie 122 hookup

Note that using this approach you don't need a hookup transformer inside the organ, and can hook the Leslie straight up to G-G. Input connections and channeling differ - using an incorrect Leslie type is hazardous plus the speaker will not function properly. Other nine-pin Leslies are multi channel and their pin connections and functions differ. Model selected Conn models. The following text was kindly sent to me by Mr.

Leslie 122 hookup

Some loss of audio voltage level is inevitable with this type of circuit. Disconnect the center tap from ground, feed control voltages in there, and just hook the G-G outputs straight up to the Leslie. It results in pops, clicks, and some special circuitry to make it work. Someone needs to write this section. Hammond spinets and other brands of organs do not have balanced outputs.

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The rest is as a statue unto a plinth that has been taken away. Please Add To This Section. There should be no detriment to the sound- it would be better if anything. Mike Fulk says that this is imperceptible.

Twelve pin connectors were used with standard nine conductor cables to prevent these Leslies from being used for other applications.

As additional Leslie models were developed for other organs, notably Wurlitzer and Conn, dating website for six-pin plugs and sockets were retained. The only downside to this is that you can't run a Hammond tone cabinet simultaneously with this setup. This complicates matters somewhat. They are two-channels in with a third bass channel common to both inputs. Model various two and three channel organs but not Hammond.

  • The center tap of this second transformer is used to send the leslie control voltages across the balanced line.
  • Not all pins are connected in Leslie models with fewer channels or features.
  • These cabinets were produced in various finishes and trim to match specific consoles but are identical internally.

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Leslie 122 hookup

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Leslie 122 hookup
  1. Also see the Leslie Box schematics.
  2. One can, of course, use capacitors instead.
  3. Edit Old Revision PageHistory.
  4. These Leslie types are now used with many different organ makes and models including Hammond.
  5. It's a simple matter to completely forego the second transformer and just use the first output transformer.
Leslie 122 hookup

HammondWiki - Leslie Hookup

Leslie 122 hookup

Fortuately, you probably have one to spare. Why this is so amongst persons is the conundrum of ages, dating someone but it is outer darkness unto the human race. Let me know just what cleverness is required.

Absolutely no warrantee is made as to the correctness of the information on this page. Mike Fulk says that he has installed this system in several churches, with never a call back, nor any indication of dissatisfaction. It was mostly unsuccessful, dating beer bottles but a number of these cabinets were sold.

There will be no perceptible degredation of the sound, says Mike Fulk. If you are clever, you can figure out, from this schematic, how to hook a to a spinet without the main-echo switching. Looking into the male connector as if you were going to plug it into your mouth.

Leslie 122 hookup

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