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Unlike the other characters, she actually has career aspirations with some drive. The films are still played frequently around Halloween on Disney Channel to this day.

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When you saw Adam and Hannah together, he may have seemed out of her league in the looks department but his strange quirks could only work with her where other girls were put off by him. Girls was Adam Driver's big break as an actor and one of his first acting gigs in the first place.

Sometimes you have to ask directly for what you really want. Some of us play caricatures or extensions of our real selves. Hannah chose to leave her life in New York to pursue creative writing in Iowa. How your life feels is more important than how it looks. Which is something we too often forget to do in real life.

Ray and Shoshanna have a lot in common, though. She is Hannah's closest friend and they knew each other back in when they were roommates as freshmen at Oberlin College. From adorable selfies to straight up kissing pics, these two are definitely all loved up.

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There is no age at which our lives magically figure themselves out. According to Rolling Stone, he came into the screen test holding a motorcycle helmet. When he showed up to audition for Girls, Lena Dunham knew right away that he was perfect for this role. Her charm made you love to hate her or hate to love her but either way, you could not stop tuning in to her. Though many of their decisions were heavy ones, each of the girls understood when it was time to put their regular lives on pause and pursue what they needed on a personal level.

And Ray has a gray, amorphous haze of judgment swirling around him. They went to wine country! She knew what she was doing!

For Evan, Desi is a complete and utter construction. All the characters are based off of people Lena Dunham knew in real life, and some of the actresses were actually people that she knew personally beforehand, too. This show is what really put Lena Dunham on the map as a cultural icon. She and Hannah knew each other in real life and met at Oberlin College which the characters in Girls also met so this is all loosely based on real life.

Since the show ended, Lena Dunham has made a huge name for herself as a writer and actress. Why is this the most important news you'll read all day?

We still can't get over her Harajuku style when she went to Tokyo for an internship. At various points throughout the series, each of the girls made at least one choice that seemed selfish on the surface, but was exactly what she needed at the time. And that involves making a lot of mistakes, dramatic gestures, abrupt decisions. She also had a starring role as the female lead in the thriller Get Out. At the beginning of the series, she was innocent and more inexperienced compared to the other characters.

She was outgoing yet a bit socially awkward at the same time. Here is the cast of Girls from their first few episodes to what they look like now. While she was filming Girls, she also made an appearance in the mystery science fiction film, Ava's Possessions and Tiny Furniture with Lena Dunham. Charlie's character is somewhat of a pushover because he is always there when she needs them, regardless of whether or not they are actually together. Before getting into acting, he was a Marine.

Even so much to the point where she outgrew her friendships with Hannah, Marnie, and Jessa. While Brown and Kountz haven't officially confirmed their romance, one scroll through Marnie's Instagram feed - excuse me, Kimberly J. They have one romantic night together and Marnie finds out that he has changed as a person but in a horrible way. Needless to say, karan tacker and krystle d'souza dating after divorce Marnie hightailed it out of there and never looked back. To what degree is she coming to Ray to deal with the emotional trauma of the unravelling of her marriage to Desi?

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Jemima Kirke has that adorable British accent that can never go unrecognized. This is what makes Girls so interesting. They've traveled to Portland! Though she had a classically pretty face and a sophisticated sense of fashion, the girl was just a hot mess just like the rest of them.

Elijah was sort of in and out of the series but his character is definitely memorable. The scene toward the end of the episode where Jenny Slate as Tally and Lena as Hannah get high and talk. Someone can be a wonderful partner on paper but still be wrong for you. His brutal honesty reaches its peak when he tells Hannah that she will make a horrible mother when she becomes pregnant.

Adam Driver's accidental success with Girls led to more roles in indies like Frances Ha! Even after they break up, she still continues to toy around with his feelings and he just caves in every time. The characters on Girls became so self-involved, that they started to completely lack any kind of empathy for others.