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Create and Custom game modes are also in the game, and allow the user to customize their online experience. Good luck telling the difference between Joe Thornton and Nik Antropov.

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You can tweak the difficulty level, game speed, goals to play to, and whether to turn power-ups on or off. This acts as a power play of sorts since you have a temporary one-man advantage.

You can take advantage of these bonuses to shrink the opposition's goalie, to cause one of your players to balloon to a humungous size, to give a player rocket skates, and more. This is great for local play with your friends, and is a great time. The game better have some of my Sharks players in it. People need to stop asking about trophies.

3 on 3 NHL Arcade is overpriced and annoying

But even then, player names don't matter. You already have a nice selection of games up there.

3 on 3 NHL Arcade Review (PS3) - Operation Sports

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As you might know, there are no options out there for consumers to play an Arcade style hockey game. Great, I love sport arcade games, Basketball perhaps? Oh sweet, I love arcade type sports game, poker money hack there is a serious lack of them. Sounds like a fast paced game for sure.

It is a different look that adds to the zaniness of the game. It's funny for about a minute. If you play on the default five-goal victory setting, you rarely get deep into the second period. But the addition of Powerups truly add to the game overall, adding an element of strategy to gameplay.

The review is pretty dead-on. Gameplay has a similar generic feel.

With spin move you can get away from hits and skate into open ice. Power-ups further contribute to the comic-book vibe.

At the very least, the game is somewhat customizable. Hope to see a lot more from you guys. As far as game modes are concerned, we have Play Now and Online Play. With friends and when online, this game is fun. Hockey purists may be a bit disappointed because the rules are thrown out the window in this game.

Game is fast and fun, at least at first. The power-ups then apply to the user that skated over the icon. In addition to the familiar Skill Stick moves we have added Trick Shots to it. While your keeper is too often a sieve, your opponent routinely makes crazy acrobatic stops, even while shrunk to the size of Verne Troyer's big toe.

Goaltending can be frustrating, too. Powerups can be obtained which can give advantages to either team. The presentation is a bit obnoxious, as you might expect from a game with such an extreme-sports attitude.

There is no way to set up a playoff series, whip up a quickie tournament, or anything else along those lines. This is just a small sampling as there are several more power-ups that are present within the game.

And does it have trophies? Looks like he's going to have some issues scoring. This power-up can then be skated over by the hitting team.

The way these work is to hit your opponent and a power-up will fall out of the player and onto the ice. The bobble-head graphics look is kind of cool.

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