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The missions are better defined, more supplies are available and the map and mission interface is more intuitive. The effects, including some nice looking explosions, get the job done. For some reason, the bodies would just disappear after making their dive.

When you shoot water, you see and hear the splashes. Some missions require you to get these units engaged in the battle in order for you to have a chance of a successful mission. It was sometimes good, other times not good.

The player recruits mercenary Harding Cash Jamie Donovan in battling the pirate warlord in an attempt to recover the missing nuclear weapon. To complement the amazing visual explosions, fear of flying hypnosis Nuclear Strike also contains some pretty good audio.

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You'll also be able to pilot a few other vehicles, like a hovercraft, an Ml Abrams tank, and even a Harrier jet. Surprisingly, Nuclear Strike is easy enough to play that even I was blasting tanks into oblivion with minimal effort. It retained the earlier game's engine but added several modifications to improve graphical performance and make the game more accessible. And to get a Jump on the next mission, shoot and destroy vehicles and personnel while on your way to other missions.

Let me first tell you about the explosions. Critics praised the full motion video as well as the music and sound effects. With all of the improvements being made to Nuclear Strike, it looks like this keep your fingers crossed will be the game that really makes this series of military action titles shine. If you've played the earlier games, be ready for a blast from the past.

So, does the most recent of the Strike games match the glory of Soviet Strike? The tanks are slow, however one easy shot is all it takes to waste the largest of the enemy tanks. Just land and let him do his work. For other uses, see Nuclear strike disambiguation. This prompts the player to extract Naja from the now booby-trapped compound before the whole compound blew up sky high.

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The visuals are the high point of the game with excellent terrain and level details. The first Bit Strike title. The best part of the whole game, though, is when you shoot a person standing on the ground and watch them try and dive to safety after being shot. The adventure isn't bad but it becomes stale in a short period of time. This is another shining point for Nuclear Strike.

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Also, the mission objectives and map interface are much more intuitive, making it much easier to know what and where to strike. Well, I found a pad and just to the immediate west of the landing pad, the mini map showed a ton of enemies just waiting. You used one button for your machine guns, another for missiles and another for rockets. On the ground, you can control tanks and hovercraft.

The taut storyline and innovative full-motion video work of the game created a highly superior product. Come on, they should have heard me coming and attacked me, forcing me to kill them before unloading the passengers. Although the game has been made a bit more manageable. Once again, the super-secret Strike team is called upon to save the world without drawing too much attention.

There are games that I will buy and play for a month or two and never play again, and there are games that I will come back to play again and again over the years. Knowing when and where to use these vehicles and managing your fuel, ammo and armor makes up much of the challenge in the game.

Nuclear Strike revolves around a series of missions geared toward stopping a madman from unleashing a nuclear weapon. Soviet Strike received criticism regarding the player's limited view of his surroundings and attacks from enemies out with it. Nuke's mission-based gameplay will be familiar to Strike heli-combat vets. The team added several new vehicles, as well as continuing the occasional real time strategy sections found in Soviet Strike. Aggregate score Aggregator Score GameRankings.

Colleagues General Earle, Hack, and Andrea Grey return to deal out the damage, along with new characters to be introduced. In addition, the voice acting talent is topnotch.

The Bit Strike series is following the same evolution in gameplay as its Bit originators. Although this was fairly effective in conveying the mission, it did get annoying after a while. With so many different combat vehicles and aircraft in the game, the variety of tasks is enormous. Although the best in the Strike series, Nuclear Strike doesn't deliver enough original gameplay to set it apart from its predecessors.

Now leave a crater, not just a black stain. You have to follow her closely at first, and help her deliver rifles to her compatriots, but afterwards, she'll fight her way out of trouble for you. You receive free armor upgrades when unloading passengers to a safe landing zone.

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So in order to complete a campaign, you must finish all of the missions as directed. You'll do fine if you take it slow and plan your attack. Orders can be given to other choppers, infantry, and anti-tank units. Strike fans will definitely lust for the chopper heroics of this, the newest and best of the Strike games.

Reviewers enjoyed the straightforward gameplay but several complained of a close similarity to its predecessor Soviet Strike and questioned the game's value as a result. You have different campaigns that are made up of multiple missions inside the campaign. You can only blow up so much stuff with a helicopter. You will constantly be using this, because you can pick up armor, weapons and fuel, not to mention people and other objects. The player also commands ground troops in occasional real-time strategy sections.

There is definitely no shortage of enemies, and you will constantly have one eye looking at the mini map and the other looking at the game. You have a color-coded directional compass to help steer you towards supplies and mission objectives. In case anyone really cares, many of the same characters from the previous Strike game will return to the sequel, giving the series a sense of continuity. If you fail, it's nuke city, baby!

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