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Miami Test Server Place Order. The ease for users to make changes on the fly is excellent! Remember there is no extra charge for file transfer or the Best Codecs at VentriloServers. TypeFrag is the best I'll never buy elsewhere not even if they gave it to me free!

This is the place for Ventrilo, game for ipad 4 Mumble or TeamSpeak hosting. TypeFrag is the best Ventrilo host on the internet and I will never host anywhere else. Their Ventrilo servers are fast and never lag. We officially launched our Mobile Website and control panel today! Coming soon to the iPhone and Android.

If you're looking for something that will not take many computer resources, this is one to definitely look at. You can also upgrade and downgrade your Ventrilo Server instantly from within your client account. Order today and take advantage of our Money Back Guarantee. So I gave it a try and I'm happy to say he was right. Sandefjord Test Server Place Order.

They sell an excellent product as dependable as the sun rising in the morning. All voice codecs and voice formats can be accessed and changed from within your Control Panel. Just pay and your server is online in a couple of minutes. Over the next several weeks, you will notice many updates to our website and control panel. Probably about half a second.

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Chicago Test Server Place Order. Toronto Test Server Place Order. Great for Military and Students. Much better then Team Speak, Mumble or Skype.

TypeFrag is worth every penny! My World of Warcraft guild on Runetotem loves it and we use it everyday! That can mean life or death in a video game. Clicking on the Download Now Visit Site button above will open a connection to a third-party site.

It's your server you should be able to get the best ping possible. You have full control over backups, restores and settings and you can edit your configuration files to change every aspect of Ventrilo including your Speex Codecs at anytime. Dallas Test Server Place Order. They have extremely good support, and are always there to answer any questions that you have. It can also be used in an enterprise environment as a productivity tool for conducting long distance.

TypeFrag is worth every penny and their customer support can only be described as superb. If your not computer savy you have to connect to somomne else's server. Our custom control panel Is exclusive and created by us.

Sydney Test Server Place Order. Their ability to continuously provide Ventrilo users with flawless connectivity and support has pleased millions of gamers world wide.

Manhattan Test Server Place Order. See the Change Log for a complete history. Planning a move to another city or country? Video tutorials walk you through common features in the Ventrilo client and Ventrilo server software.

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Montreal Test Server Place Order. Easy to maintain and still gives you the flexibility to control everything at your fingertips. Grab your stuff while you still can.

This backup server is provided at no cost to you and will always be there in case you need it. With our control panel, server backups are completed every six hours and you can restore your server instantly from the past sixty days of server snapshots. You're reliability is excellent and I will continue to use TypeFrag as my Ventrilo provider.

Download the latest version of the Ventrilo client for Windows or Mac. Ventrilo has been very easy to use and very helpful for gaming communications. To assist you with your transition to Mumble, we have created a number of Mumble Tutorials that will show you how to use the most common features in Mumble. Best hosting option I have found is NationVoice. The success of any team in a game hinges upon their ability to communicate.

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Our machines are housed at the best data centers around the world. Switching to Speex Codex for Mac and Window users is done instantly and without staff intervention. You can also set Windows only codecs on channels where Mac players will not be entering. As always, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to serving you through the mobile site. TypeFrag is the best company I've used and the only one I'll ever use.

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Convert between Mumble, Ventrilo and TeamSpeak as often as you like for free! Customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority. Ever wanted a cool server address that you could be proud of? He gave me this site I looked around and I wasn't sure, he told me that this site has the best servers around along with the most user-friendly Control Panel. Germany Test Server Place Order.

Their systems are extremely reliable. Many more features will be released in the coming months. Even though Network Outages are very rare, it's a nice fail safe to have because your competitions and tournaments can't wait. When I was looking for my own Ventrilo server, I came straight here.

Their control panel is top of the line and easy to use. Vancouver Test Server Place Order. Seattle Test Server Place Order. As long as I have been a customer, my server has only been down once and only for about a half hour! Summary If you're looking for something that will not take many computer resources, this is one to definitely look at.

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We experienced an issue many months ago and the issue was resolved quickly and with no hassle. Here at VentriloServers we are all about speed.

Pros I use this program for use on world of warcraft an online video game and we get people online and we can all voice chat instead of typing! Ventrilo Tutorials Video tutorials walk you through common features in the Ventrilo client and Ventrilo server software.

Portugal Test Server Place Order. This is business as it should be done. The instant set up of my Ventrilo server and fast connections have impressed my friends enough that they also purchased Ventrilo servers from TypeFrag.