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You should see my apartment. Morgana Shaw as Ticket Agent. The team uses the clothes to get in the asylum without arousing suspicion. Apolskis amputates Avocado's penis and the latter's revenge is certain when he is back. Troy Ruptash as Jasper Potts.

They are attacked by Christina, whom Tancredi kills. Lance Garrison as Tweener.

Abruzzi pushes Scofield to take care of Patoshik. Clarice Tinsley as News Host. Krantz and Bagwell are arrested, with Krantz receiving the death penalty.

Nelson Bonilla as Soldier. Viktor Hernandez as Marksman.

Tancredi's life is threatened after the sickbay prisoners start a riot of their own. Michael efforts to track the cardholder and also prevent returning to prison. Prison Break maintains an ensemble cast for each season along with many recurring guest stars. Season of American television series Prison Break.

Prison Break season 4 direct download links

Preston James Hillier as National Guardsman. Westmoreland realizes that his daughter is dying and he can't see her before her death. Meanwhile, Michael and Tancredi hide in a truck heading to Miami. Duncan Ollerenshaw as Blue Hawaii.

Anthony Starke as Sebastian. Jack Gould as Old Farmer Guy. Wilbur Fitzgerald as Bruce Bennett. Christina calls Michael and makes the same demand in exchange for Burrows, critically shooting him to force Michael to hurry. Self meets and kills the conduit in order to keep the whole money.

Michael has an uneasy reunion with Christina, who drops a bombshell regarding Lincoln. The police and Kellerman arrive in the scene. They manage to find the meeting location and Scofield proceeds while the others are arrested too.

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Nathan Castaneda as Sancho Inmate at Sona. Abruzzi tries to reconcile with Scofield by having his men beat up Bagwell and thus the latter going to the solitary. Arianne Martin as Assistant. Realizing that Abruzzi will certainly kill him, Bagwell cuffs himself to Scofield and swallows the key. Monti Sharp as Phil Stroger.

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Michael hears of the bounty and devises a plan to break Sara out. Prison Break Prison Break episodes American television seasons American television seasons. However, watch tv on my pc this was restricted to the United States only.

Michael arranges a transaction with Krantz, who leaves without Tancredi, intending to kill Michael after taking Scylla. Bagwell stays at Rita's while Gretchen and Self meet a conduit, who reveals that a piece of Scylla is missing.

The Firm could be into Self. Jamal Gibran Sterling as Customer. Steven Chester Prince as Detective No. Fox programming current and upcoming. Michael recovers an encrypted note from him.

Pandemonium erupts at the Panda Bay Hotel after an assassination at the global energy conference. Keith Diamond as Tim Giles. Keith Stolte Mac Brandt as C. Maria Sotolongo as Reporter No. Learn more More Like This.

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Tina Holmes as Kristine Pace. Scofield accepts warden Pope's offer to finish making a model of the Taj Mahal.

Meanwhile, Krantz kills Scuderi for humiliating him. Morgan kills Blauner as a caution. The team investigates other data recovered from the mansion in order to find the other cardholders.

Other seasons of the show

Marshall Manesh as Nandu Banerjee. Gretchen spruce up for a conference with the General and also one last effort to obtain the last card secret.

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Was this review helpful to you? Monday nights are always exciting, just waiting to see what comes next, has me on the edge of my seat. Jodie Moore as Camping Store Proprietor. Bagwell has also escaped and has plans to return to the U. Jose Villareal as Officer Roldan.