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The purpose for the soundtrack is to promote the film, but details for a planned tour have not been disclosed, and no tour has been established since then. One day, Dinero realizes he finally has the opportunity to leave his life of crime behind. By day, Dinero slips into the recording studio with dreams of becoming a big reggaeton star, and by night be takes to the streets to defend his turf from the most violent criminals in the city. Notify me of new posts by email.

Start your free trial now. The film distributed by Maya Entertainment begins in the streets of Puerto Rico, where Edgar Dinero Daddy Yankee gets involved in a thug life of crime in the barrio neighborhood where he lives. This is offhandedly tossed as if it were what matters in the lives of the people there - an erroneous assumption.

Edgar becomes a drug lord, prowling the mean streets in dreams of becoming a rap artist. It is rated R for violence though. Daddy Yankee only wants to make a film because he are lowing down, he pass away, i will remember him for doing this awful piece of crap.

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Like I said I am a huge fan and wanted to see something more. If you do, share the link! His main problem, however, is his old friend turned nemesis, Maestro - who changed markedly into a hardened, untrustworthy thug after serving jail time.

Will he ever convince the corrupt cops that he's changed his ways, and will his brothers on the street find the courage to forgive him for abandoning them during their darkest hour? Daddy Yankee soundtracks soundtracks Film soundtracks Albums produced by Luny Tunes Spanish-language soundtracks. Recording Industry Association of America. In the world Edgar lives in, reggaeton appears to be preferable partly because it is not possible to be arrested for making rhymes.

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This movie its nothing for me. Of course this movie debuted in theatres in Puerto Rico but it did not debut in the theatres here in the states.

He is forced to earn, rather than be given his swagger as an artist. That's the inspiration for the song. The soundtrack definitely does not dissappoint though! Now he must prove himself and overcome his crippling bout of stage fright. Glad to have other countries represented on the site!

Oh we are thinking of two different songs! He does have a love interest in the movie but that is kept pretty clean.

Golden Globes Fashion for Less! Law enforcement is apathetic, asserting that because the gangbangers have larger televisions than they do that they do not deserve protection. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Audible Download Audio Books.

But glad you found your song! Awards and nominations Discography album appearances Videography. In real life, he was actually shot in the knee which is what prompted him to really pursue reggaeton. Written by Charys Caldarella. But it was a great story and showed a lot of promise.

The depictions of materialism merely represent a life of crime that he would rather not participate in. And hopefully you like Daddy Yankee as much as I do!

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Although all the songs on Talento de Barrio are different in music style, full hd 1080p hollywood movies dual audio they all revolve around the same subjects of the film. More Like Talento de Barrio.

In a neighborhood where Dominicans and Puerto Ricans live in community, they must learn to put their differences aside and work together to prevent the demolition of their basketball court. Learn more More Like This.

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El Cartel Records Talento de Barrio. In order to prevent the girl from slipping through his fingers, Dinero does his best to prevent her from discovering his true ties to the violent barrio underworld. Live Barrio Fino en Directo. Hi, I am looking for the songs that were in the movie, the part that the two girls are entering the club and you see everybody dance.

Daddy Yankee plays Edgar Dinero who is a top level drug dealer with a heart that wants to get out of the street life. He must also deal with his drug addicted, troubled sister.

Argentine Chamber of Phonograms and Videograms Producers. It's interesting to me how we're always trying to look good.

The soundtrack is also Yankee's fourth consecutive number-one album on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart. The film take us in an intimate journey through the life, trials and tribulation of iconic urban movement figure Vico C. When I'm at shows, I see almost everyone with a camera, and they're all trying to give the best pose, especially the women.

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They are obviously missing the point that having these things does not make up for the increasingly violent environment that the people of the neighborhood confront daily. Year-end charts Chart Peak position U. All Latinamericans have guns and are Criminals? Edgar Dinero Daddy Yankee was balancing thug life with greater ambitions when he first met the girl of his dreams.

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