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Be more concerned about how your communication affects others than about what you intended. Ask the other person to define the problem.

Praise opens doors to further communication, while criticism shuts them down. Be tactful considerate and courteous.

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Stick to solving one problem at a time, that way you can understand each problem as the other person sees it. See communication as an opportunity to praise, build-up, affirm, heal, support and give positive reinforcement, rather than to correct, criticise, tear down, hurt, wound, lash out at. Be clear and specific in your communication.

Summary As you look ahead to new relationships, dating between different races in the bible you need to be able to break old and faulty communication patterns to allow for healthier interaction. Be realistic and reasonable in your statements. Avoid getting bitter if you are misunderstood.

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Do not bring in a third party to avoid direct confrontation. As your feelings come out, the solution may become clearer.

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Recognize that each event can be seen from different points of view. Be honest and open about your feelings and viewpoints.

Test all your assumptions verbally by asking if they are accurate. Combine and create a mutually acceptable solution.

Communication in a relationship

Rate the possible solutions. Try to fully resolve each issue as it comes along. If you have a problem with someone, go directly to that person. By becoming an effective communicator, you will also grow and become a better person which will positively enhance all your relationships. Avoid the one-upmanship game.

Be sure both parties agree to work towards resolving the issue. Avoid assuming that other people see things like you do. Ask questions and listen carefully. Ask the other person for their feelings. Avoid preaching or lecturing.

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Avoid acting until this is done. Avoid falling for the excuses of others. Express your own feelings.

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