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We present massive collection of Ahmed Faraz Poetry including his ghazals, ashaar and other poetry forms which he said during his poetic career. Ijazat remains one of the greatest art movie classics, which was directed by Gulzar also.

Momin Khan Momin, the greatest match to Ghalib in his era, whom Ghalib appreciated himself too. Mirza Ghalib was the greatest ghazal writer of his time and perhaps all times. Faiz Ahmed Faiz was a poet of love and hope, despite living an extremely difficult life full of trials and confinements. Dekh to Dil ki Jaan se Utha hair is a testament of genius of Mir.

100 Most Famous Ghazals

Sher Muhammad Khan gained fame as one of the greatest writer of safarnama of Urdu. Here is one of the best collections of Urdu ghazals and Maan Urdu shayari for you. Chalo Phir Se is an amazing ghazal by the greatest romantic poet of Urdu, Faiz Ahmed Faiz whose name does not need any praise at all. Besides political poetry he also wrote ghazals, but his opinion was always that ghazal should not be confined for women, but there should be higher love of God in it. Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi is loved by the masses for his Punjabi folk and live songs, but with his few exceptionally well sung ghazals, gizmo font he remains a deserved entry.

With her beautifully feminine voice, she has been loved and revered by many generations now. All Rights Reserved - PoemsUrdu. One of the classics that were immortalised by voice of Nayyara Noor.

And few more excellent mentions

Another amazing ghazal by Dagh Dehlvi, who remain one of the legends from famed city of Culture, Delhi. Majrooh was a great ghazal writer and lyricist of Indian Movies, and this poem is a testament to this. Khayal-o-Khwab Hui Hain Mohabaten by Obaidullah Aleem is a picturesque ghazal, which brings sentiments of love and beauty to the reader. This is Momin Khan Momins greatest his compositions. Allama always rightly complained that women are on the nerves of poets from Hind, and all their verse do not go beyond Inferior Love.

It is a unione of sad poetry and shayari sms. Momin Khan Momin remain one of the greatest of poets who while living at the same era of Ghalib, held his ground and was celebrated by Ghalib himself. Yaro Mujhe Muaf Rakho shows her endless talents. Yet his ghazal proves that such genre of love can be about Ishq-e-Haqiqi.

Firaq Gorakhpuri was an Indian poet who was popular with youth. Der Lago Aaney mein is one of most popular and loved works. He was the messenger of Khudi, which he described his poetry. The poetess, the enchantress, who inspired millions with her romantic verses. It remains one of the later compositions ofJagjit, immensely beautiful in its tune and verses.

A Ranking of 100 Best Urdu Ghazals Ever Download MP3

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Understanding true meaning of Sufism via Quotes of Mevlana Rumi. She remains the true diva and icon of ghazals along with Iqbal Bano. With almost two decades of writing lyrics for Bollywood Cinema, Nida is well respected in Bollywood circles.

Nayyara Noor remain one of the most gifted singers who popularised Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Ghazal singing with her exceptional and soothing voice. At the same time, it is deep enough in emotions and beauty. Nasir Kazmi is often considered the greatest romantic poet after Faiz, and this ghazal proves this. Get to the appropriate category and find out your desired piece.

Lata Mangeshkar sings Dikhayiye Diyay Kyon. She is considered one of the most eminent ghazal singers, as manifested by below songs.

Best Ghazals Ever Download MP3

Here is version by Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan. Donon jahan teri mohabbat mein haar ke by Faiz Ahmad Faiz is a beautiful ghazal. When it comes to classic romantic verse, Mir and Ghalib hold the throne. It has been performed by many artists in India and Pakistan, none matching the voice of Jagjit Singh.

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Mir Taqi Mir remains the master of Reshta and the greatest inspiration for Ghalib. It shows the versatility of Faiz as a poet, who was never short of idea of Ishq, whether love of woman or the country. Behzad Lakhnavi hailed from the city of culture, Lucknow. Flow through and realize what he meant to say!

Sung beautifully by Habib Wali Muhammad. Parveen Shakir, who lived a short life, but left a huge impact in ghazal writing. Allama Iqbal also shared his poems with Daagh in his youth, asking for improvement and advice.

It is a beautiful ghazal sung by legendary playback singer Muhammad Rafi, may Allah bless his soul. Mir Taqi Mir was the pre-classical poet who inspired legends such as Ghalib. Urdu Ghazal poems follows rule in which the couplets are written in odd number, with every second verse maintaining a rhyme. Despite her short life, she remains the most influential of female poets. Allama remains in a league of its own in poetry.

A Ranking of 100 Best Urdu Ghazals Ever Download MP3And few more excellent mentions