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Desai's writing is simple and fitting for the book, but not remarkable. The story has a gentle voice of the author and it is an impressive book. The book had a lot of potential to branch out into descriptions but narrowed its focus on only one family, leaving many questions unanswered. Story wise it is a very light. Purple sarees, worship of rocks, village awe, drunken father, ill mother.

It is an Indian fairytale. In the end, I didn't enjoy reading this at all and don't recommend it unless you really want to read about poor old India. There were many subplots that proved to be irrelevant to the story, and they were presented with details that only served in adding the total number of pages.

It's a story of a poor family living in a small village in India and portrays their journey through a change coming to their village. It beautifully shows the typical village life in India. His plans of a small poultry plan and a watch repair shop displayed his awareness of the changes that would soon take place in his small village and his willingness to adapt.

This book was moving, stomping land pc funny and informative. Jagu felt pity for him so he decided to help Hari as much as he can help Hari.

The characters, especially those from Bombay are multidimensional and very relatable. He's easily influenced by the people around him. Meanwhile, Lila, Bela and Kamal admit their sick mother in town hospital through the help of the De Silvas.

In a Village by the Sea

The struggle of the family for survival was heart rendering, yet ends up so well! Through his experience with Mr. Go to the city, make money, come back and live in the village.

The characters are interesting and relatable. Since that day, their father stopped drinking and stayed at the hospital so that he could be of any help in case his wife needed him. There is a lot of pressure on them due to the constant demand of meeting their needs. But that is not the way the world works, and Anita Desai is harsh in writing things exactly how they are, people exactly as they are.

She has a beautiful writhing skill, which is smooth and dainty. Picked this up in a charity shop a while back call me a cheapskate if you want but have only just got round to reading it. The book revolves mostly around two characters, but they have no gravity to keep you interested in their lives.

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Again, I felt quite distanced from the story because of the writing but I did enjoy it. Desai brilliantly portrays the issues in the village of Thul, doomed for destruction b the advance of industrialisation.

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This is the kind of soul nourishment I needed at this moment. Meanwhile, Hari is new in the city of dreams, Mumbai and he is all alone.

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All one can do to prosper is to adapt to it. First time read a book by Anita Desai.

She along with few other women go to the rocks on the beach to offer her prayers and Hari wants Lila to see this view and cries out her name. Meanwhile their father on learning that their mother was admitted to hospital, created a chaos at home and proceeded for the hospital at night.

Hari realises that he has to go back to his house where his family will be suffering in their state. Anita Desai's descriptions were okay but not great. This unstable nature of income, makes Hari think that probably if he escapes to the city he could earn a few more bucks. And reasons why the novel will remain special for me. But, in my opinion, they too get very repetitive over the book with the author deciding to describe either very mundane things or things already described before in details.

The Village by the Sea

The difference between Urban India and Rural India and between the rich and the poor is accentuated at various points. Meanwhile back home Lila struggles through her mothers illness and the heavy load of responsibilty on her shoulders. It is based on the poverty, hardships and sorrow faced by a small rural, community in India. The subject matter itself is quite normal.

Anita Desai didn't even touch on other people at the end. The descriptions of the village are colorful and lively.